1. ARM9 CPU, 400MHz main frequency, 128MB storage capacity

2. 4.3 ~ 15.6 inches, 16.77 million colors TFT LCD, LED backlight

3. Two COM ports, independent communication, support RS232 / RS485 / RS422 and other communication modes, and can realize multiple screens and one computer

4. Standard clock

5. USB-B interface to realize data transmission

6. Support a variety of Ethernet communication (support communication with Modbus-TCP protocol equipment and Siemens S7-1200 PLC through Ethernet)


16.77 million colors, fine and traceless image quality, and the display effect is comparable to that of LCD

Download, start and run, trinity ultra-high speed response

Support C language script function, operation, free protocol writing and drawing, and improve programming freedom

Support BMP, JPEG format picture display

Rich 3D gallery, the picture is more vivid

Flexible component selection space and custom animation track design

Data collection and saving function, supporting time trend chart, XY trend chart and other forms of data management

Storage and bidirectional transmission of recipe data to improve work efficiency