1.Simplified software: User-friendly graphic interface, simplifying your application
2.High performance and large capacity, well meeting the increasingly complicated process requirements
3.Applicable to small-sized automation equipment (The input and output points are within 256)
4.Dual-CPU design with high-speed and control algorithms separately processed
5.Configured with an embedded operating system, executing multiple tasks in parallel
6.Providing the motion control function; supporting two-axis linear and arc interpolation
7.Standard Ethernet interfaces, CANopen protocol and two RS485 interfaces
8.Support USB communication, which facilitates commissioning
9.Time for executing a basic logical instruction is less than 0.065 μs
10.8 high-speed inputs of 200 kHz or 4 AB phase inputs, supporting quadruple frequency control function.
11.8 high-speed outputs of 200 kHz, supporting positive and negative pulses
12.Abundant extension modules


This is a fully automatic folding box assembly machine. The folding box is a patented design product. The position of the sticking board is different from that of the traditional one. At present 6 optical eyes sensors are used to locate the three sides of collection folding box, and five servo axes of the conveyor belt and the front and back plates positioning are used in the way of calculating the coordinated by PLC. The whole system adopts CANopen bus to achieve the effect of high progress and high corresponding speed. Meet the requirements of positioning accuracy +-0.3mm, and the production speed is up to 11 pieces/min.