Delta PLC 28SV

Brand Delta
Manufacturer Series dvpdelta
I/O Points 40 I/O Points
Model Name/Number DVP28SV11T
Output Type Digital
Pulse Transmission Output msec
Communication Port 2mdobusRS232
Input Value 24 V DC
Digit Display Size Dual Display
Number of Inputs 14 Digits
High Speed Pulse Output 4 Sets of 200kHz Pulse Output
Supports Max 4 Hardware 200kHz High-speed Counters
Minimum Order Quantity 1


  • Increases many motion control instructions to meet the applications that require high-speed and high-precision positioning
  • Offers linear / arc interpolation motion control
  • Provides up to 16 external interrupt pointers
  • Complete Program Protection
  • Auto backup function to prevent losing programs and data even when the battery runs out
  • Second copy function provides a backup for extra insurance in the event that one set of programs and data are damaged
  • Up to 4-level password protection protects your source programs and intellectual property
  • Supports DVP-S series left-side and right-side modules